1501 Morrissey Drive
Bloomington, Illinois

Grady's Pizza is open
Tuesday through Sunday at 4:30PM
Delivery available in Bloomington

Last Updated: Tuesday September 05, 2017


News & Updates

Grady's Pizza now accepts Visa and Mastercard.

January 15 to 25 - Grady's Pizza will be closed during this time, please be sure to come in or call on January 26th for your favorite Grady's Pizza!!

Restaurant Menu

Prices are subject to change on all menu items

add french fries for $1.95

Pork Chop - $4.15
a boneless center cut pork chop, chargilled to perfection, served on a grilled bun

The Wet Pig - $5.20
a breaded pork tenderloin topped with 57 sauce and mozzarella cheese

Ham & Cheese - $4.15
sliced ham and american cheese on grilled texas toast

Tenderloin - $4.70
a large, breaded, tenderized pork loin served on a grilled bun

Italian Beef - $4.95
Grandma Grady's special recipe!  served on a grilled hoagie steak bun

Hamburger - $3.30
one-third pound chargrilled beef patty on a grilled bun
with cheese - $3.60

Grilled Cheese - $2.70
lots of melted american cheese on grilled texas toast

Corn Dog - $2.25
hot dog on a stick dipped in a cornbread batter and fried

2/3 lb Double Cheeseburger - $5.55
two beef patties topped with american cheese and served on a grilled bun

Breaded Chicken - $4.15
breaded chicken breast fillet deep-fried golden, served on a grilled bun

Jack's House - $4.80
our third pound burger with 1000 island dressing, hashbrowns and cheese on a grilled bun

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