1501 Morrissey Drive
Bloomington, Illinois

Grady's Pizza is open
Tuesday through Sunday at 4:30PM
Delivery available in Bloomington

Last Updated: Tuesday September 05, 2017


News & Updates

Grady's Pizza now accepts Visa and Mastercard.

January 15 to 25 - Grady's Pizza will be closed during this time, please be sure to come in or call on January 26th for your favorite Grady's Pizza!!

Restaurant Menu

Prices are subject to change on all menu items

served with a lettuce salad or applesauce, hot roll or garlic bread
and your choice of french fries, hashbrowns or oven brown (unless otherwise noted)

Spaghetti Plate - $7.45
A bountiful serving of spaghetti topped with our homemade meat sauce, served with a dinner salad and garlic bread

Pork Chops - $14.25
for those who love pork, two chops cut extra large
and grilled to perfection

Fried Chicken - $9.40
Four pieces of lightly breaded chicken deep-fried to a golden brown
(allow extra cooking time)
chicken only - $6.25

Catfish - $10.45
two catfish fillets coated with a cornbread breading and fried,
served with tartar sauce

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